The bouquet

It’s been a while! I had a 5 day trip in Venice last month. This magic city is a true paradise for photographers. As I took so (too) many photos during this trip, I have been struggling a bit to know which photos to post first and then I just decided to post a few “Venice in black and white”. Let’s start the journey!the bouquet


Hello France!

I am moving this month, from US to Lyon, France. So I will be away for some time from posting photos before coming back here with more images of France, as soon as I can. Have a wonderful summer everyone and, happy click!


Variations of clouds

Snow storm clouds rolled in and out at Navajo National Park where visitors can see, from far the ancestral pueblo, hidden under huge rocks. I’d love to show some pictures of the pueblo but my lens was really too short. There was a great distance from where the visitors should stand and the pueblo. It was amazing to see how they were well sheltered.


variationofclouds1variationofcloudsvariation of clouds